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Suppliers Of Poultry Farm Products & Equipment

We are experts in all aspects of poultry hygiene, poultry health, feeding, drinking and ventilation systems.

At Farmtech Services Limited, we were founded in 2003 by William and Magdalena Keown-Boyd, who bring over 40 years of invaluable experience in poultry farming. We take pride in offering a comprehensive range of services and products, primarily catering to the poultry and pig industries.

Our customer base includes multinational companies and smaller producers, and we provide a wide array of DEFRA and LION CODE approved chemicals, agricultural equipment, and all other essential ancillaries needed to run your farm efficiently.

What else can we help with?

From Ventilation and lighting solutions through to next-day-delivery consumables and farm visits, we probably do a lot more than you think! Check out how we can help you:

Our Sister Companies

FarmTech Services are a proud member of Elta Group. Our industry-leading portfolio of brands supports farmers in creating efficient operations due to our vast expertise in the agriculture sector.

As a group, we believe health, hygiene and housing are the three key components to a successful farm, our brands offer a range of services to support these components as your farm grows. Whatever the application, we’re able to develop an effective solution for you and your animals.

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Hydor is recognized for its excellence in design applications, leading the field in designing and technically innovating its products for agriculture. They offer a range of ventilation, heating, and controls designed to meet the specific needs of farmers, their farms, and animals.

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Bowden & Knights

Bowden & Knights are market leaders in the poultry industry. They take pride in offering first-class customer service, expert knowledge, and a passion for supporting their customers’ needs.

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Animal Aids

Animal Aids is a wholesaler and merchant that supplies products to pig and poultry farms, helping them run efficiently and healthily. Their product range includes housing equipment, protective clothing, disinfectants, and more.

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All Agri

All Agri is the online marketplace for agricultural consumables. They provide farmers with a respite from the stress of managing farm supplies by delivering services and advice through an engaging and efficient online platform.

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Part of
Elta Group

Across all of our people, in all of our businesses, on all continents on which we operate, Elta Group has one purpose: To enhance life through air.

For over 20 years we have been a proudly independent,
family-owned group, but our foundations were laid
over 50 years ago. Our foundations were built on an
entrepreneurial spirit and a clear vision of meeting
market needs and improving air quality.