Over 50 years of agricultural ventilation expertise.

As part of Elta Group, we have the advantage of collaborating with our sister companies, Hydor and Elta Fans, who specialise in ventilation & air welfare solutions. We supply Fans, Inlets & Controllers to ensure the well-being of your poultry.


We supply a range of essential fans and circulation units from Hydor & Ziehl-Abegg. These include round chimney fans, recirculation fans & more!


Control airflow in your poultry shed with durable Air Inlet Valves. Ideal for livestock ventilation, they withstand the harsh poultry environment for optimal performance.


Regulate heating & ventilation effortlessly with POLA thermostats. Monitor zones, set temperature limits, and ensure livestock comfort.

Need a breathe of fresh air?

If you need any advice about ventilation for your farm, we have experts on hand to help.

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Pest & Insect Control


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