Pest & Insect Control

Pest Control Made Simple With Our Range of Products Tackle Rodents and Flies.

Are flies and rodents causing problems on your farm? Our range of fly and rodent control products, combined with our expert knowledge, makes it easy to keep these pests at bay.

Fly Control

Control flies with ease using our insecticides, ‘fit & forget’ Spray Dispensers, electric fly killers, sticky rolls, and reels.

Perbio Choc

Red Mite Control

Fight the mite! Deal with Red Mites properly. Our range of products includes insecticides, powders, and sprays, as well as electric mite killers and sticky traps.

Rodent Control

Get complete control of rodent infestations within as few as seven days with our effective range of poisons, baits and traps.


Don’t let rodents take over your farm. Our highly palatable and ready-to-use poison blocks and baits are proven to be effective even in the most difficult environments.

Mostyn Duo CS


Protect your farm from insects with our range of Insecticides including spray treatments, granular bait and liquid formations.

Putting Your Farm Safety First.

Whether you’re dealing with a rodent infestation or pesky insects, we have effective solutions to keep them at bay.


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