Animal Health

We supply a wide range of products to keep your flock fit and healthy.

Our years of industry knowledge has helped us to refine our product range to a 
comprehensive selection of equipment which can support poultry health.

Antivice & Welfare

Enhance the welfare of your animals with our selection of enriching products. From pecking blocks and brushes to snack balls and toys, we offer a variety of solutions to keep your animals entertained and content.

Poultry Grit

Ensure the well-being of your poultry with our essential poultry grit. It’s a must-have, especially for chickens in runs or indoor settings. This product enhances egg production, aids digestion, and leads to improved nutrient absorption and overall digestive health.

FarmTech Multivit

Vitamins & Supplements

Improve your animals’ health and reduce stress with our Vitamins & Supplements, which provide essential nutrients, extra protein, and boost their natural defense mechanisms.


Defend against pathogens throughout the feed manufacture process. Salgard Powder can be added to any raw material or animal feed as a bacterial decontaminating agent.

Putting Your Flock First.

Our expert advice and high-quality product range can keep your flock fit, healthy and free from parasites and infectious diseases.


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