Essential Consumables for Your Farm: From Disinfectants to Chick Paper!

Our high-quality products are designed to meet the demands of even the busiest farms. Whether you’re looking for general hygiene supplies or water treatment for your animals, we have you covered.



Advanced detergents for effective cleaning. With some of the biggest brands on the market and 5L, 25L & Foaming options available, our range of detergents help keep your farm clean and healthy.



Protect animal welfare and prevent infections with our wide range of Defra approved, fast-acting disinfectants. Powerful, proven performance against Viruses, Bacteria, Fungi & more!

BioClean Aqua

Water Treatment

Improve drinking water quality and boost flock performance with our range of water treatments. Trust our solutions to promote healthier, more productive poultry on your farm.

Chick Paper & Cardboard

Chick paper is an essential consumable in poultry farms and hatcheries, and is an important part of providing a healthy and safe environment for chicks to grow and thrive.

General Hygiene

We can supply general hygiene supplies from blue roll through to soap dispensers. Anything to keep your farm clean!


Putting You First.

Need farming consumables quickly? With 25 years of experience, we prioritise your needs and offer fast supply. Contact us with your requirements today.

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